Monday, 31 March 2008

Ideas of lace

These earrings are just an example of some very beautiful fashion and home accessories from cursive design. Although strictly speaking these are using a lace technique, I do think there are many echoes of these type of designs in crochet. I love the wonderful delicacy of these delicate earrings - almost Victorian in their elegance - and think its about time we returned to some finer techniques in crochet.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Hyperbolic crochet

Susan at Loop sent me info on a project taking place on the Southbank at the RFH which pushes the boundaries of what many would regard as relaxation time crochet. Making sections of coral reef may not be your idea of a project but would certainly give you a fantastic experience to see where the boundaries of skills can be further set. The link will give you all the info you need to take hook to the Barrier Reef!

Very clever crocheter

I'm so glad to see that former star-turns from the classes are still busily twirling their crochet hook. Alison has sent pics of the latest glittering success and I thought it worthy of posting. If anyone else has a particularly proud moment with their work, then send pictures post haste and we'll share them.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Very clever artists

Lovely Liz from the Improvers' class last week has very kindly sent a bunch of etsy links which I'm passing on. She is really interested in developing the skill of crocheting jewellery and this jewellery artist emunique, from NYC seems to have cracked it. Hers are the beautiful gold and coral earrings.
Next up are ideas for scarves using the simplest of techniques from fray in Michigan. The chain spine scarf is her work.

The delicate necklace is by gitte from Australia with tiny circular crochet and felt flowers.

Last, but not least, the work of French artist Sophie Digard who loves her crochet flowers. Check out her flowery tote bag.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Aurelie Mathigot - crochet artist extraordinaire

I desperately want you to look at this wonderful and inspiring site of the truly creative person that is Aurelie Mathigot as this has to be the future of crochet. I would love to get this woman over to Loop for a masterclass as I think it would be wiiiiiiild.
Check out the candle holder that looks awesomely like one of those wonderous loo roll holders but way more chic.

Adorn magazine - crochet blooms

OK - so this isn't the post about the trims but I discovered this through my blog trawls and had to pass it on. Adorn magazine looks just the thing - 'the crafty girls guide to embellishing life'!!!! - and here FOR FREE is a dear little pattern for crochet blooms. Off you go!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

I love your style

Once again I've been spending far too much time drifting round the design blog world and getting caught up in the extra dimensions they create. You should try it out with a few spare seconds (or, in my case, hours!) and see what you find. My latest discovery was a pretty blog from Norway called Fryd and Design (luckily in English; my Norweigan isn't great) and this then drew me off into some interesting by-ways.
Following the trail of breadcrumbs I came across this Japanese site called CP Store which had the most gorgeous images of clothes and style that went on for page after page and each page had a tantalising glimpse of little crochet items that set me to thinking. Here are some pics - I'd post more but I don't want to ruffle feathers - check it out for yourself after peeking at these.
My next post will be a little 'homage' to what I found - some ideas for trims to a beloved garment that needs a lift.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Stitch diva crochet

I found this rather natty project at Stitch Diva Studios and I thought I must pass it on as it really is very pretty and very delectable for summer.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Crochet in the centre

As I said in the last post, I've found a great page on crochetme showing in wonderful technicolor how to crochet into a ring without creating a hole.

Fun critters

As it says in the blurb, Japanese patterns have been in the back of my consciousness but my lack of Japanese has prevented me from uncovering their mysteries. Trust me, they're jam-packed with fabulous patterns and ideas but, to date, I haven't come across any English translations. Until now. Loop has the cutest little pattern book in the Kyuuto! Japanese crafts range. I particularly love the little amigurumi cutey-pie creatures so I've ordered the book and will pass on any tips that I learn to you guys. I have come across a nifty way to start a chain ring without leaving an unsightly hole. Watch this space (or lack of it, if I'm really clever). What a great way to finish up the never-ending mountain of unused yarn ends. Hurrah!!!! Send me pics of any characters you make.