Thursday 25 October 2007

Slouchy beret 1947

Louis Vuitton got it right this season with a generously warm and stylish beret - I love hats because I get such cold ears, so I'm hoping to get this made before it gets much colder. As you can see this lovely one is made in felt but I reckon a nice double knit in one of the new shades (deep berry purple!!! Mmmmm) should look divine. If you do go for a DK then use a 4mm hook. This should give should give the right amount of drape without getting too floppy than sloppy!
This pattern is taken from a wonderfully titled publication of 1947, 'Woman's Day Crochet Annual'.
Starting at centre of crown, ch 3. Join with sl st to form ring.
1st rnd: 9 htr in ring. Place a marker to indicat beginning of rnds. When working the rest of this beret, care must be taken to pick up the 2nd loop on back so that the 2 remaining loops of each hrt will appear like one continuous chain.
2nd rnd: Picking up the 2nd back loop of each htr, make 2 htr (an increase) in each htr around (18 htr).
3rd rnd: *htr in 2nd back loop of next htr, 2 htr in next loop. Repeat from * around,.
4th rnd: * Htr in next 2 htr, 2 htr in next htr. Repeat from * around.
Continue in this manner, increasing 1 htr in each 2 htr group, until 24 rnds have been completed.
UNDERSIDE OF BERET: Now dec 1 htr - to dec 1 htr, work 2 htr as 1 htr - over each increase (9sts decreased on rnd). Repeat the last rnd 14 more times, having the decreases fall over each other on each rnd.
Next rnd: dc in each htr around.
Following rnd: dc in each dc around. Repeat the last rnd 5 more times. Break off at end of last rnd.
Good luck if you do decide to try your crochet hands at this. Let me know how you get on!!!!

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