Monday, 27 July 2009

New kid in town

I'm jumping up and down at the moment as there are so many plans in the air and it's crackling with excitement. I've been dying to tell you all and now the moment has arrived and we can really hit the ground...crocheting??? I think the best thing would be to let the words tell the story (click on the name to find the make and bake blog!!).

creative workshops on your doorstep

Make and Bake has arrived to help you find your creative side. From hen parties to children’s birthdays, we will fill your days with clever ways to create with yarn, fabric and yummy cupcakes!Claire, Bee and Catherine are your guides and tutors on this tour of the creative arts and we are looking forward to helping you plan that special day. We will provide the notions, materials and tuition straight to your doorstep and will ensure that you will be able to show off your creations at the end of the day.Make and Bake is happy to organise group or individual tuition.For further details and terms, contact

As you can see, Claire, Catherine and I are looking to spread the creative word and hope to even do a spot of travelling but for now we're strictly keeping to London and the South East.
Let me tell you a little about ourselves -Well, I suppose you already know about me. Crocheter and stitcher and enthusiastic fan of all the creative arts. I've been teaching for more years than I'll tell you about here and hope that I've managed to pass some of my skills to others. Here's examples of what I like to do.
Claire Montgomerie is also a talented teacher but is much else besides. She has published books on knitwear to her name and her signature style is well-loved by all yarn addicts. You may need no introduction but you may recognise her cuddly retro bunnies at the top of the post.
Catherine Knight (website soon!) was formerly a journalist but obviously her writing skills were effortlessly transferred to cake making and decorating which the picture can only give a flavour of. Yummmmmm.
We all hope that you might be interested in our little idea too!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day for your diary

Sunday 26th July is a date for your diary if you're in London town. Down on the South Bank, the Queen's Walk to be more precise, just by the London Assembly Building. This is the venue for a wonderful creative opportunity for designers in Kioskiosk established for the summer months by Wayne Hemingway and the Design Museum. Claire Montgomerie is basing herself there on Sunday, running mini-workshops and knit fun and I'm joining in on the vibe with crochet and sewing workshops and selling a few accessories in crochet and fabric. It should be a terrific amount of fun if our days at Loop are anything to go by and we'ld love to see some friendly creative faces looming up out of the London smog. Ach, don't talk rubbish, it's going to be a fabulous day with heaps of sun and laughter.

If you're around please join us and maybe pick up a new crafty skill!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More Down Under

More on my trip to Belgium later. I just haven't stopped to even download the thousands of pictures I took and I definitely want to show all my chaincreative friends what a fab time I had.
Whilst all those thoughts are cooking, here's something to keep you busy. It follows on really nicely from the interview with Sarah London a few posts ago and certainly lifts the spirits when it's so blustery and rainy here.

So it's out to a wonderful sunny garden with tea on the lawn. And bunting!!! Sarah has crocheted some bunting that would kick start anyone into action and there's a pattern too!
I'm off to get my primary colours all sorted!!
With big thanks to Jennifer at The Make Lounge for the tip-off to these lovely flags.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Jolly hols

I'm going to be taking that crochet news from Ghent to Aix this week. Visiting Belgium for the first time and staying in Ghent. It's the destination du jour don't you know!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Great new venture

Take a little trip over to Sewing Bee to see how the new baby in the chaincreative stable is doing! Sewing classes are now part of our productions and look set to become quite popular as a chance to escape the city and learn a new skill. It can range from a full-on 'teach me how to sew' to a way of getting to grips with making a particular garment.

This is exactly what brought Anees to Kent and I think we both agree it was a great success. We didn't get to the end of the story as far as the project was concerned but I was able to send Anees off home happy in the knowledge that she can finish what she has started and have a lovely dress to wear at the end of it.

Of course people don't need to come all the way down here to the South East coast. Within the M25 area, chaincreative is happy to travel and I shall be at the Kiosk on Sunday 26 July to bring sewing to the nation. Find your inner thread and get stitching!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Designer interview - Sarah London

I think it's time for another visit with a crochet icon. I know from my travels over the networld that Sarah London really does generate alot of respect and interest from crocheters for the shots of colour she injects into her work. On another level she also turns the 'granny' into something joyous and bold. For all you square dancers here's the interview. I have to thank Sarah who is very busy person and kindly answered the questions amidst much other work.
Chain Creative Interview
Questions of creativity and inspiration
Your name
Sarah London

Where you’re from
I live in the country with my husband and three children in Australia.

Blog address (if you have one) Describe your various creative skills.
I love working with colour in various applications, whether it be crochet, knitting or patchwork.

When did you start to crochet and who taught you?
My grandmother taught me to crochet at an early age, and I immediately became hooked, drawn to the colourful wool and I was amazed that a ball of wool could be transformed into many things.

What was the inspiration behind developing your interest in crochet?
To crochet, is just part of my make up I’m sure of that.

What influences your style and output? What are your inspirations?
Women from past generations who amazingly made something from nothing as such. Transforming scraps of wool into unique items of necessity, resulting in unusual combinations of colour and composition. What are the most important aspects of your work to you?
Exploring different colour combinations is important to me, inspiring others to experiment with colour. I love it when colours just click.

Which project or piece of work are you most proud of?
Most often or not it’s usually the latest piece to come off my hook.

Describe your favourite working space.
Surrounded by many balls of colourful wool, sitting on the sofa is were I usually do most of my crochet.
Thank you for chatting!

Love Bee
The last picture is a free pattern from Sarah called Wool-Eater Afghan.

Friday, 3 July 2009

New Post

Brand new and hot off the press post at Sewing Bee. Lots of nice fabrics to choose from and some sewing tips too.