Monday, 27 July 2009

New kid in town

I'm jumping up and down at the moment as there are so many plans in the air and it's crackling with excitement. I've been dying to tell you all and now the moment has arrived and we can really hit the ground...crocheting??? I think the best thing would be to let the words tell the story (click on the name to find the make and bake blog!!).

creative workshops on your doorstep

Make and Bake has arrived to help you find your creative side. From hen parties to children’s birthdays, we will fill your days with clever ways to create with yarn, fabric and yummy cupcakes!Claire, Bee and Catherine are your guides and tutors on this tour of the creative arts and we are looking forward to helping you plan that special day. We will provide the notions, materials and tuition straight to your doorstep and will ensure that you will be able to show off your creations at the end of the day.Make and Bake is happy to organise group or individual tuition.For further details and terms, contact

As you can see, Claire, Catherine and I are looking to spread the creative word and hope to even do a spot of travelling but for now we're strictly keeping to London and the South East.
Let me tell you a little about ourselves -Well, I suppose you already know about me. Crocheter and stitcher and enthusiastic fan of all the creative arts. I've been teaching for more years than I'll tell you about here and hope that I've managed to pass some of my skills to others. Here's examples of what I like to do.
Claire Montgomerie is also a talented teacher but is much else besides. She has published books on knitwear to her name and her signature style is well-loved by all yarn addicts. You may need no introduction but you may recognise her cuddly retro bunnies at the top of the post.
Catherine Knight (website soon!) was formerly a journalist but obviously her writing skills were effortlessly transferred to cake making and decorating which the picture can only give a flavour of. Yummmmmm.
We all hope that you might be interested in our little idea too!!

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Hello Bee! Hope you're well.
Have you quit your Etsy endeavours?
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