Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day for your diary

Sunday 26th July is a date for your diary if you're in London town. Down on the South Bank, the Queen's Walk to be more precise, just by the London Assembly Building. This is the venue for a wonderful creative opportunity for designers in Kioskiosk established for the summer months by Wayne Hemingway and the Design Museum. Claire Montgomerie is basing herself there on Sunday, running mini-workshops and knit fun and I'm joining in on the vibe with crochet and sewing workshops and selling a few accessories in crochet and fabric. It should be a terrific amount of fun if our days at Loop are anything to go by and we'ld love to see some friendly creative faces looming up out of the London smog. Ach, don't talk rubbish, it's going to be a fabulous day with heaps of sun and laughter.

If you're around please join us and maybe pick up a new crafty skill!

1 comment:

Mrs G said...

i wouldn't doubt the "heaps of fun" for a moment, i hope you're right about the weather. i hate umbrellas!!!