Tuesday 7 July 2009

Designer interview - Sarah London

I think it's time for another visit with a crochet icon. I know from my travels over the networld that Sarah London really does generate alot of respect and interest from crocheters for the shots of colour she injects into her work. On another level she also turns the 'granny' into something joyous and bold. For all you square dancers here's the interview. I have to thank Sarah who is very busy person and kindly answered the questions amidst much other work.
Chain Creative Interview
Questions of creativity and inspiration
Your name
Sarah London

Where you’re from
I live in the country with my husband and three children in Australia.

Blog address (if you have one)
http://www.sarahlondon.wordpress.com/ Describe your various creative skills.
I love working with colour in various applications, whether it be crochet, knitting or patchwork.

When did you start to crochet and who taught you?
My grandmother taught me to crochet at an early age, and I immediately became hooked, drawn to the colourful wool and I was amazed that a ball of wool could be transformed into many things.

What was the inspiration behind developing your interest in crochet?
To crochet, is just part of my make up I’m sure of that.

What influences your style and output? What are your inspirations?
Women from past generations who amazingly made something from nothing as such. Transforming scraps of wool into unique items of necessity, resulting in unusual combinations of colour and composition. What are the most important aspects of your work to you?
Exploring different colour combinations is important to me, inspiring others to experiment with colour. I love it when colours just click.

Which project or piece of work are you most proud of?
Most often or not it’s usually the latest piece to come off my hook.

Describe your favourite working space.
Surrounded by many balls of colourful wool, sitting on the sofa is were I usually do most of my crochet.
Thank you for chatting!

Love Bee
The last picture is a free pattern from Sarah called Wool-Eater Afghan.

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Anonymous said...

Till the time i saw your colour combination, i was thinking that my combination are best.