Saturday 11 July 2009

Great new venture

Take a little trip over to Sewing Bee to see how the new baby in the chaincreative stable is doing! Sewing classes are now part of our productions and look set to become quite popular as a chance to escape the city and learn a new skill. It can range from a full-on 'teach me how to sew' to a way of getting to grips with making a particular garment.

This is exactly what brought Anees to Kent and I think we both agree it was a great success. We didn't get to the end of the story as far as the project was concerned but I was able to send Anees off home happy in the knowledge that she can finish what she has started and have a lovely dress to wear at the end of it.

Of course people don't need to come all the way down here to the South East coast. Within the M25 area, chaincreative is happy to travel and I shall be at the Kiosk on Sunday 26 July to bring sewing to the nation. Find your inner thread and get stitching!

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