Friday 11 April 2008

A departure in lace

I know it's not crochet but why be prejudiced?!!! This pattern is sooo beautiful and does make use of a crochet hook at a certain point, that I feel duty bound to share it with you. I came across this shawl, Laminaria, on knitty and was so struck by the way it mirrored crochet. It really is a beautiful alternative to the hook and would be a terrific project for the more intrepid. It incorporates a crochet cast-on which I feel is enough to qualify it for our end of week project here on chaincreative.

Another equally beautiful pattern (and don't you just love this picture) is Muir which I feel a particular affection for as Muir woods were a redwood grove in my native California.
Let me take this final week's post to say, have a good weekend and watch out for braids and finer crochet yarns next week. Eeekkk!!!

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