Sunday 11 May 2008

Babette blanket

This blanket has become a bit iconic since Interweave magazine published the pattern way back in Spring 2006. Skim the web and you'll find no end to the comments and suggestions made about this beautiful piece of work. And a piece of work it is. It's no granny-square blanket and that's why it has become such a star. The squares may appear randomly spread but, in fact, have to follow a fairly strict grid. It may be ideal for using up scrips and scraps but the most successful will have as much thought put into colour as there is in the putting together. Obviously, finding a copy of the original pattern in print form may pose a challenge but online there are sources. knittingdaily has a downloadable PDF for $6 which is the official link for Interweave magazine. The image I've chosen is from the flikr pool of pictures by australianoveranalyzer as she has caught the spirit of the pattern. Have a look at all the babette stream as it's absolutely fascinating to see the different takes on the idea. Another source of information and idea-sharing can be found on Ravelry (I'll be posting about the 'knit and crochet community' soon). As you may already know, you have to join (very easy process) but once accepted (takes about a week) you can dip into the huge bran-tub of voices and comments on there.

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