Friday, 18 July 2008

Art in nature

Judging by the comments, many of you have enjoyed this week's topic of crochet and the visual arts. I'm so glad because it's a particular favourite of mine too!!! I'm going to finish with two Etsy designers who use much of the philosophy of sculptural crochet in their work which they feature both on Etsy and flikr.
Firstly Yael Falk from Israel is an industrial product designer for a company called Baribua but her interests also lie with crochet and knitted designs which she sells through Etsy under her name of Yoola. Her speciality is jewellery of the most beautiful and imaginable kind and I love her work and was really pleased to find it through all the different ways chaincreative leads me. The description Yael gives her giraffe flower puts the essence of what she does into words better than I ever could. 'This colorful unusual piece is an imaginary combination of a vase, a giraffe and a flower.When creating this piece I felt the urge to explore the impact of installing a second object inside the main one.Naturally this is a limited edition piece .I created it as most of my creations using the smallest crochet needle available in the market and a colored copper wires.Enjoy it.' Her pomegranate at the top of the page is stunning.

Next is Leah Csiszar who also sells through Etsy as twobeans working in wire and hook as Yael does. I love the anthropromorphic shapes of her lanterns which remind me a little of the crocheted orb earlier in the week. The bowl is entitled 'Tidepool' - it does almost shimmer. There are more examples through her flikr pages. I must publish her sentiments for you as I think this is a nice postscript to our week of art. 'I make my dreams my reality. I voraciously read books. Swimming is the best shower. I admire the natural world. I love a challenge.'

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