Monday, 13 October 2008

Welcome Back

Feeling a little less than sparkly at the moment but that's all just jet-lag and will pass! Have had a wonderful time on the West Coast and would go back in a heartbeat. The weather (unlike the news) was sunny all the way and we had a fabulous time as always. I confess I didn't visit any yarn shops as promised but there was too much else to do and sitting in my brother's yard with my crochet was the most I managed in that department!! As you can see, it's a very 'candy' colour project in Koigu Premium Merino yarn bought from Purl. Unfortunately, here in the UK we get punished for such pleasures with import taxes but thankfully Stash yarns in south London have a selection of the colours also to choose from. Hurrah!! The 'project' is a sweet little sweater taken from a pattern first printed in the 1930's which I hope to offer shortly to you all. Watch this space!
San Francisco was marvellous and I loved this Dale Chihuly sculpture at the Legion of Honor Museum in Lincoln Park. It was accompanying a massive exhibition of his work at the DeYoung Museum which completely captured my heart with the colour and excitement of the sculptures. As I expect you can tell, I LOVE colour.
All the fun had to be accompanied with food and the cake at The Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove was my all time fav. Pacific Grove is where I originally come from and it is a little jewel of a town forever kept in my heart.
Well, now I've returned I've got to cook up some goodies for you for the autumn/fall period and I'm going to get into being a crochet granny. Well, granny square, actually. Some Sophie Digard in there too. Keep checking!

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Jeanette Lunde said...

Thank you for your comment Ü I feel so bad not answering your interview! I have started ...I promise :) If you still want it I´ll try to finish it next week. *Love Jeanette*