Friday, 12 December 2008

Distressed or de-stressed

It's that time of year again when it seems the only option is to be rushing about trying to remember all the things you need to do that day. I love being busy but some times think it can get a bit crazeeee. Anyway, at the moment I'm listening to Frank Sinatra (don't ask but it's a Christmas number ''ll be home for Christmas'and this, his 93rd birthday!! It's pretty atmospheric), snuggled up against the frosty morning (very pretty) and writing about...felt. The pictures above are by the danish felting artist Yvonne Bavman, which makes you understand how versatile the medium is.

There's alot of talented accessory designers around and alot of their work is in felt. Last week at Loop there were quite a few customers in asking about suitable yarns to use for felting. Animal fibres are the obvious answer and the more the better. 70% pure animal fibre seems to be the accepted rule, with man-made taking some of the 'power' away from the distressing of the fibre. Machine washable also affects performance as it's been pre-shrunk.

This all got me thinking about posting about the topic so I did some research and this is the result of my findings.
Well, if one starts at the best place, the beginning, you can start with 'rovings' the base component of yarn, the unspun wool. You can buy this on Etsy and just checking out my post on Etsy yarns gives some names to choose from. Then follow these simple instructions. Of course, you're most interested in felting crochet so some further instructions might be useful!

Looking for yarn is half the fun and I won't go on at length, but I did find these rovings on Etsy that I loved for their colour palette. From Vanda Souza, these are beautifully packaged and really whet the appetite.

Once you feel confident that you know what to do and you have researched your materials then maybe some inspiration wouldn't go amiss. I love these gorgeously quirky critters from Sebold's Originals.

A pattern might be useful. Now, this is where Etsy is sooo useful. Lots and lots of patterns are available as PDFs. I'm going to zip through my faves. thebirdsandbees have lots of patterns and this mouse is so cute. little projects cater for the accessory lover, and this satchel bag fits the bill. knotsocute has loads of (cute) patterns and I love these children's slippers.

Well, is that enough to be going on with? I think so. I hope you're all busy preparing lovely gifts and enjoying the run-up to whatever holidays you may be having.

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