Monday 20 April 2009

And another thing

Just one last word from the French!! This is such a cute idea for a bolero and you really could pick it up and run with it. Think of as many motifs as you can and adapt the pattern to suit.
We're back at Grannymania (you have to scroll down 3 posts to where I'm talking about) and there's more than just crazy granmothers who would wear this little number. It obviously started life as a Japanese pattern and you know I adore them.

I will pass you over to Granny and she in turn will redirect you to Talons Aiguilles. If you're not too savvy with the diagrams and ask sweetly, then there is a pdf pattern available. Maybe, if I'm feeling focused enough I'll post a quicky guide to diagram reading. I swear by them but I know alot of people are a wee bit scared of their squiggly little legs.

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