Thursday 30 April 2009

Nice touches

It's happened again! I've been purchasing Japanese craft books again!! This time the offending book is a lovely felting book with lots of ideas for my felt workshops in the summer.

Etsy is wonderful for the number of businesses in Japan who supply books, fabric and notions that all have that wonderful delicacy that is so typical of many Japanese products. I find that the delivery is fantastic from Japan to the UK. That's a long way and anything I order seems to arrive super-quick.

This week, however, came with an extra, and really beautiful surprise! Everything I've received so far from different suppliers comes beautifully wrapped with lovely little thoughtful touches. A ribbon here, a special bag there but the book I ordered this week came with a very special present. My own orgami swan. Neatly tucked in a wee envelope with Miss Bee on the front. Fabulous. I was completely charmed. Could we start a trend? Surely it could certainly cheer the world up as much as it did me.

Here's a list of my favourite sellers on Etsy for Japanese products -
The orgami bird and felt book came from Rocobee
Now you can see why it's a bit of an obsession of mine. Have fun browsing!

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Carolina Grönholm said...

OOh I love origami too!