Friday, 17 April 2009

Something for the weekend

I love the French blogs that are listed on the right. My French is diabolical but I can understand enough and you can definitely pick up the enthusiasm despite the language gulf.
My travels without a suitcase brought me back to Toutes a nos crochets and I found this scarf project with links that brought me to a very nice step-by-step guide which I thought might interest you.

As well as Toutes a nos crochets, the scarf project has many French fans and different incarnations.
Heres Hier peut-etre with the pattern used as bracelet.
Then Adeltrala has made a choker.
She even posts a schematic pattern.

The best method is the one where you can look and learn and this one is available on Grannymania! What a fabulous name. Just what it says on the tin!!
Using the schematic pattern and the pictures gives you some idea without having to resort to the dictionary if you must. I just loved the way the motifs switch-backed onto each other.
A very nice way to create something on a sunny day.


angeltreats said...

Gorgeous! I'm going to make myself a bracelet. I have to learn to read those diagrams...

Linotte said...

Hello !
I'm happy that you like this model ! I love it too (is it a kind of drug ?...i can't stop it !).
The diagram translation by picture is on my blog (i use my left hand but i think it's understandable).
My english is quite broken but if someone needs explanations, i'll give it with pleasure.

Bee Creative said...

Fantastic Linotte - thank you so much for your words and help!!!
Bee xx

YooLa said...

This is so so pretty !makes me want to crochet :)