Tuesday 30 June 2009

Chaincreative confidential

There are plans afoot here at chaincreative Central and the first summit meeting of it's personnel took place yesterday in my flowery garden. It really was a gorgeous day and I hope it is like a great send-off for all our schemes.

The glittering cast list consists of myself (natch), Claire Montgomerie (who many of you probably are acquainted with already) and Catherine with her adorable sidekick, Edie.

We spent alot of the time oohing and ahhing at E but the rest of the time was discussing our various talents and what we plan to do with them.

You already know about me, crocheting and sewing up a storm. Claire is a published knitter and crocheter and general all-round doer of things creative. Catherine, as well as giving tons of cuddles to Edie, is a baker of extreme talents and I've got a sample to show you which might get the digestive juices gurgling a bit.

Claire looking very passionate about her craft - eating!!!
We're all very passionate about what we do and we want to channel that into some sort of productive venture. To that end, this lunch. Obviously, we licked our plates clean!!
You'll be kept in on the secret as it progresses, so regard this as the first installment!


claire montgomerie said...

yay! look how gorgeous the lovely edie is and you garden - and how white my legs are!
just one naughty thing bee - my last name is spelt with an 'ie'! i know, it is a bit of an anomaly with 'monty' an all ( i have been toying with changing it to 'montie' but fear tis now too late!)
looking forward to more meetings, lets hope the sun stays out. x

Bee Creative said...

Ooops!!! It's all better now!

jennifer | themakelounge said...

Can't wait to hear what you creative ladies come up with!

Dawn said...

Flowery, gorgeous & looks all so wonderful -- I so wish I could be there!