Thursday 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen - Designer

I heard with such sadness of the death of Alexander McQueen today. The circumstances and the loss are endlessly sad for his friends and family. For anyone involved with design and the arts, it is a huge cultural loss as he was a supremely talented designer and engineer of fabric and garments. To die and leave the future of his work unfinished is a terribly sad thought for me as I really admired his work. His past archive is a wealth of inspiration and I do urge you to look and explore the many resources he has left.
There will be many obituaries written but I liked this short and simple tribute to him on
Too often fashion design is dismissed as meaningless and irrelevant to the many other aspects of life. That is not something I subscribe to. Respect to the legacy of Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010.


Kylie said...

Such a beautiful tribute - I totally agree with you. I am devastated at his loss. His collections were something I actually looked forward to every season because he was such a visionary and always so inspiring. Thanks for this. K

Frances said...

I do thank you for this tribute. I so agree that a very creative man has left us way too soon.