Tuesday 23 March 2010

Simple samples

When life is a bit too busy to even draw breath it's even more important to have my crochet with me. Lots of train journeys give me plenty of time to get to grips with the project mountain. My latest was using some of my favourite yarns in some simple mesh scarflettes. I had some Habu yarn on a cone which was more beautiful in it's raw state than worked up so I left it. Then I couldn't stand it any longer and out came the 1.75mm hook and away I went with a really simple mesh pattern. I was so pleased with the result that I made another muffler out of Berroco Alpaca Light in the divinest shade of marine blue. I love both of them and was so pleased with the pattern. It's drawn comments but is so basic that it taught me a lesson. Keep it simple for maximum impact.

I like these other examples too.There are still a couple of places left on the Intermediate Crochet at Kingly Court, W1 on Sunday for anyone interested. Contact makedomend@live.co.uk for details.

1 comment:

Frances said...

Your openwork crochet is a great way to create a scarf that will be welcome in early spring.

Can you imagine that I have yet to visit the Habu shop in NYC where I also live? Just keep thinking that I want to find a good time for that first visit, when I can truly appreciate seeing what I have read about over and over.

Yes, simple design is good when the materials are far from simple.