Monday, 20 September 2010

A trip round the East End

Last week was the start of many a college's autumn timetable. Tutors and staff were shuffling papers and generally gearing up for a bunch of new students. The University of East London was certainly in a fevered state on Friday as it was a staff training day and there were busy groups of tutors and librarians having fun trying out new skills.
Circus skills, origami, photography and (I'm pleased to say) the most popular, crochet. Sixteen of the library staff rolled up at the door for an hour's speed-learning. I must say it was pretty impressive as the majority had never lifted knitting needles let alone a crochet hook and by the end of the hour all of them had got off the starting blocks and some had even got the basic knowledge to enthusiastically go off and continue the good work.
I've since heard that this is exactly what happened and that scarves and I don't know what have been crafted since!
Forget about paint-balling or brain-storming. Just learn to crochet for your training days!!!