Saturday 28 July 2007

Crocheted beach cover-up (1977)

Sorry about the delay in posting this - major broadband disappearance!!!
9 50gr balls of Rowan Wool & Cotton in Citron 901 (A)

1 50 gr ball of Rowan Wool & Cotton in Tender 951 (B)

3.5 mm
One size

Stitches used
ch - chain

sl st - slip stitch

sp - space

dc - double crochet

tr - treble

dtr - double treble

Each motif measures 5cm by 5cm


Using (A) and 3.5 mm hook ch 5, sl st in first ch to form ring.

Round 1: 8 dc in ring: sl st to first st.

Round 2: Ch 5 (1 dtr, ch 2) 7 times; sl st in 3rd ch of ch-5.

Round 3: Ch 4; 3 dtr in same ch-4 sp as sl st; ch 3; *4 dtr in next ch-2 sp; ch 11; 4 dtr in next ch-2 sp; ch 3* (3 times); 4 dtr in next ch 2 sp; ch 11; sl st in 4th ch of ch 4. Fasten off.

Continue to make motifs in this manner, joining them as you work; in corners, in ch-11 arches, replace the 6th ch by 1 sl st in the 6th ch of corresponding arch of another motif; and on the sides, replace the 2nd ch worked between 2 groups of dtr by 1 sl st in corresponding space of 2nd motif; then work a 3rd joining in next corner. But each time a motif will be placed along one edge of garment (lower hem and sleeves) replace the ch-3 at centre of one side of motif by ch 1 to prevent stretching.
Make 12 motifs for the first band of the lower edge (remember to replace one edge of ch-3 sp with ch-2). When making the 12th motif join it to the first motif of the band, thus forming a ring of 12 motifs.

Make 5 more bands in this manner, joining them to the 12 motifs of preceding bands. On the last band, leave one motif free at each side for armholes. Continue working separately front and back. Make 2 bands of 9 motifs for front and back, joining the centre 5 motifs to the motifs of the preceding band, leaving 2 motifs free at each end for sleeves (ch 1 instead of ch 3 in centre of outer edge of each motif); and on the 2nd band the 3 centre motifs form the neck edge (ch 1 instead of ch 3 and ch 9 instead of ch 11).

Leaving the 3 centre motifs for neck edge, place 1 band of 3 motifs on each side of front with ch 1 instead of ch 3 on sleeve hem edge; and ch 1 instead of ch 3, and ch 9 instead of ch 11 on neck edge. Join with a matching band to back so that the garment is almost completed without seams!!!

Complete each sleeve underarm with a band of 2 motifs, joined also to the free motifs at each armhole.


Using (B) and 3.5 mm hook, work a border along sleeve hem edges, tunic hem edges and neck edges, *1 dc in corner sp; 2 dc in the dtrs; 1 dc and 1 picot (ch 3, 1 dc in top st of last dc = picot made) in side sp; 2 dc in the dtrs; 2 dc in corner sps; repeat from * around.

As always, let me know of any probs.

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