Wednesday 25 July 2007

From the sublime

Ooo, what a shocking July. I must say it was divine to go to Italy for an all-too-short holiday. I didn't skive off from crochet and here is a little taste of my crochet location! Now that I'm back I'm going to keep popping into the chaincreative workshop and post more tips, stitches and patterns. Stitch of the Week will be updated every Friday afternoon (unless something crops up!!). This week is actually going to be Pattern of the Week with the publishing, as promised, of the Beach Cover-up. It was an absolute success on the holiday and I really recommend making it up.

Just another tip. If you're wondering about where to go to get some sun you couldn't go far wrong in Southern Italy. We love Sicily and go through a company called ThinkSicily ( and they have a fabulous range of different places to stay. I love it there and find it's atmosphere so relaxing. Masses of time to crochet too!!!

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