Saturday 2 February 2008


Well, thanks to a surfeit of curiosity just days before Christmas I've been unable to post any news - crochet or otherwise - as I broke my leg whilst rushing outside to watch fireworks!!!! I've missed not pondering on all things wooly and now I'm sort of back to a normal life I realised how long it is since I posted anything. I'm walking almost normally but that's pretty much thanks to my 'big boot'!! Everything has slowed right down - well, mainly me and so I've been doing loads of crochet. I'm really excited at the moment as I've got a little project brewing and I hope to be getting really involved with alot of the vintage patterns I've collected with a view to publishing them. So...I'm really excited with all things 50's - nipped-in waists and beautiful collars. Just wait and see.
At the same time I've been spending lots of time looking for beautiful design on the internet and I've stumbled on a wonderful pair of blogs that I know you'll love. They're not directly connected with crochet but, hey, we don't want to be narrow-minded.
Anyway, the first is a site so diverse and interesting it puts me quite to shame. This, to me, is the mother and father of all blogs - design*sponge - and there are hundreds of wonderful postings and links so please, please go there.
The second is also a lovely, chatty blog that is very similar and is obviously more connected with print and textiles - print and pattern - but here too you'll find gorgeous things to inspire and lots of links. All these skills including crochet are so interlinked and we can all benefit with a little dip into different 'professions'.
Now I'm back I'll post some more stitches this week and a pattern so please keep checking.

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