Tuesday 5 February 2008

Tomorrow the world!

I know that some of you out there in crochetland have learnt your skill and maybe you've hidden it away or decided that it just wasn't enough for you. I certainly feel that way about alot of things (strangely hockey was one of those things for me!!!).

However...I absolutely know that some of you are literally 'hooked' and want to make and learn more about crochet every day. The trouble with that is there is only so much room in a home for all the cushions, scarves, pins and doilies and the frustration comes when the space gives up. At the same time maybe the items you make are getting a bit of a following and friends (and even interested strangers) are asking where you got those gorgeous crochet items from. When that happens, have you thought of marketing some of them?

There are a multitude of ways - local markets, e-bay, your own web-site; but often that involves an initial outlay which might not be in your business plans just yet.

I'm a devoted fan (not a participant yet, but that's because I just haven't found space in the day yet) of Etsy, an online market-place for those who are truly keen to get their items to a larger public. To sign up is very simple and then you can 'own' and manage your own shop and offer to a world-wide market. Just click on etsy and away you go. I've spent many happy hours browsing all the talented people out in the great wide world and there's no reason why you shouldn't be there too!!!

Another arena are on-line shops which do require you to invest more than just your skills but will do alot of the very necessary promotion work that goes into telling everyone about yourself. I have a 'shop' with a great e-department store called notonthehighstreet.com and if you want to see what is expected of the potential crochet business then do check out my homepage I've posted a few of the projects that sell well and which have become a bit of a stock-in-trade for me.

Anyway, off you go!!!

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