Wednesday 13 February 2008

More talented people

I'm still musing on the wonders of etsy and the other day while browsing a wonderful blog called poppytalk (more about that later) I came across this nice little 'shop' called fringe which got me to thinking of how much fun it is to create with our skills. I'm sure that there is no end to people's wish to look for accessories that have some design credibility and knowing that it was handmade is also a bonus.

To take a peek and get an idea of what a nice complete collection can look like. Her shrug and corsage are pictured above.

As I said, I've had rather alot of time on my hands to dabble in e-world and another happy hunting ground is poppytalk which, although not strictly about yarn matters, is a wonderful inspiration for the creative juices. Her poppytalk marketplace is where I found fringe and adventures of jr. Adventures of jr has oodles of crochet (the mittens pictured above are hers) so very much in our radar.
Well, there's alot to be doing, so off we go.

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