Wednesday 30 April 2008

Alicia Paulson

As you can see the weather is determined to keep me indoors. Today is a wild and wooly day (I will probably do loads of crochet!) and so perfect to dip into a world of eternal spring colours and sunshine. This, to me, is the world of Alicia Paulson; an extraordinary gal as she is talented in just about every creative field you care to present her with. Sewing, photography and, hurray, crochet, which is her favourite!!! Her web-site is sooo pretty and there is a blog too, Posie gets cosy. Her life has not all been spring brightness and in a podcast on CraftSanity you learn about the horrible traffic accident that brought her to the creative arts and to a happier outcome than it might have been. The colours and cheerfulness of her work allows the sunshine in and alot of inspiration. There is very revealing interview on Crafty Synergy which also gives you some insight into how to get going in the business of selling your craft. As an aside, I love this site too as you have a peek at all the talented people out there in the big wide world.On her blog there are some free patterns and lots of tips so we can all appreciate a little of her talent and eye for freshness and colour. I constantly visit the blog and web-site for a bit of a lift and inspiration. In a wicked world Alicia Paulson is a real joy.


Unknown said...

How fun! Be my guest. I´m honoerd :)
I´ve been visiting your blog now and then for inspiration.

Ü Jeanette
PS. Love your house and garden!

Bee Creative said...

I'm sooo glad you visit - please come again!