Friday 2 May 2008

Fryd + Design

Jeanette Lunde is a new friend to chaincreative and we're so pleased to welcome her visits to our crochet home. Her blog, Fryd + Design is a haven of genuine Scandanavian creativity and design which I absolutely love. I've always admired the clear and uncluttered view of colour and object that comes from the northern hemisphere and how it translates to our slightly warmer world. Just peek into her world on the web and find crisp duck-egg blues, tiny special details on hand sewn dresses and, yes, crochet. It's very special to find crochet used as a way of adding texture to a child's dress and making it something different and pretty.As with Alicia Paulson, who we featured on Wednesday (pictures coming soon), Jeanette's photography is crystal-sharp and beautifully shown on her blog. Really refreshing, we'll visit her again soon.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for showing my work and for the nice words! You made my day :) Jeanette

Bee Creative said...

My pleasure Jeanette. It's great to show lovely styling and work. Keep me posted!!! Bee x