Friday 2 May 2008

Loop yarn salon

Two posts today as there seemed to be oodles to say. As you may already know, I take crochet classes for crochet beginners and improvers at the wonderful yarn store in north London, Loop. I've been really priveleged to be involved with the classes there and this blog is a direct result of that. I wanted to extend all the inspiration and ideas I've gained to others who share in the enjoyment and expression I get from crochet. It may seem a bit rarefied but there is a growing interest out there. Loop is a wonderful haven and resource for the increasing interest we seem to be having with yarn. Lovely Susan who owns the store is as passionate as I am at creating a vibe and environment that inspires us to create and make. The shop is a real expression of that passion and is unbelievably well-stocked with both 'traditional' and the more exotic yarns that are on offer today. Whitewashed walls and delicate colours go to make this a really pleasurable place to be. Long may it flourish. All the staff are incredibly knowledgable and are creators in their own right. Everyone is able to comment on the yarns and help you out with queries. That's so unusual today and proves that creativity can be nurtured. Sadly, if you don't live in or near London then this gem is a bit unattainable but here are some pictures to give a flavour and maybe you should start booking your ticket here! Luckily, there is an online shop too.

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