Monday 5 May 2008

Welcome back, Alicia

Alicia has very kindly allowed me to publish some of her pictures to support this post so now you can appreciate her skill and dip into some of her creativity yourself. Like many other designers out there, Alicia publishes patterns for us to enjoy and purchase, and so is perfect for our Pattern Monday here on chaincreative.
On rosylittlethings Alicia taps into a strong memory of mine as a child. Being an only, I seemed to have many spare hours just playing around with needles and pins, making my own clothes, knitting and, lately, crochet! As Alicia says, she 'dreams in calico and crochet hooks', and now that my daughter is studying fashion design, I'm back to those days too.
I adore her ice-cream pink 'Snowbunny Hat' and the crispy-crunchy blue of her 'Cecily Baby Cardigan'.
If you're a frequent visitor to Loop in London, then you'll see some of her work on display and, of course, she is there for all of us to enjoy in Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper (you'll even find some patterns of yours truly!).

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