Monday 28 April 2008

Bag project

I'm continuing with the project I started last Monday (see Monday 21 April post) and, needless to say, I've been stoopid and started two. One in the Texere Picasso and the other in the Noro Daria Multi. The pattern is a cinch but you do need to 'fill' it out a bit. The trouble with some vintage patterns is that there is an assumption of skills and understanding which we've maybe lost. We love having our hands held through a pattern these days.
The bag is in a lovely repetitious pattern; double crochet (single US) and a treble puff stitch (double US). The foundation chain is 20 chain giving 18 complete dc and 5 increases in the 19th stitch. This leaves a further 18 along the other side of the foundation chain. These 18 sts either side of the bag are the straight sides and must be counted off before shaping the base. The following 2 rows have 4 even increases at the curve. This is a pattern for a saddle bag and it must keep it's shape. The curving along the base edge is on 2 dc rows (not the puff stitch row or the dc row following that) and has 6 st increases evenly spaced around the curved edge between the two 18 st side rows.
The finished side piece has a dc hem along the top edge with the second row of dc in the front loop of the stitches. This gives a 'fold' for the hem to join the lining.
I'm sooo looking forward to finishing my bags and getting them lined. Trouble is I've run out of yarn for the turquoise bag (Texere are pretty speedy with deliveries) and I'll have used 6 skeins in total for the bag and then I'm finishing the handle in the Noro Daria Multi.
For the lining I'm going to use some fabric I bought from Suzi Q Quilts who are happy to ship to the UK and have a stunning range of cotton fabrics and crazee low prices (particularly for us sterling people!!!).
This pattern is super quick and easy to memorise so sitting on the train (or in the office or wherever) is hassle-free and no paper flapping in the breeze! Try it out and goooood luck.

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