Friday 25 April 2008

Chain creative - the blog

The blog is settling down nicely and I'm hoping that by mylittleol'self I'll be able to keep the ship afloat. I love searching for tit-bits in the world of crochet to pass on and to make it all look gorgeous at the same time. You may have already seen a pattern appearing and every week there will (hopefully!!!) be 3 posts - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday's post will feature patterns, projects and yarns; Wednesday will feature a designer, artist or specialist in the skill of crochet and Friday will be a rundown on everything crochet out there in the big wide world of retail or cyberspace. If you know this then you can completely plan your web life round chaincreative's routine and visit, certain that you're going to find something to tantalise you.

All I ask of you is that, if you have some knowledge that you think is truly chaincreative then please, please send your comments and messages and I promise to follow it up. Now off you go, put your feet up and enjoy the read!!! Look forward to hearing from you.

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