Friday 25 April 2008

Going shopping - again

I might as well set up a tent in Marylebone Lane at the moment it seems!!! I returned to do a little bit of purchasing at Saltwater and I succumbed and bought this necklace by Pepita. I love it for the quirky objects strung along it - beads from a 70's necklace, crochet medallions and little sewn objects. Met a friend for lunch and she gave it her seal of approval so sighs of relief!!!

I then moseyed along to Tracy Neuls who, not only makes the best and most comfortable shoes ever, but also treats her shop like an art installation and dots wonderful objects in pleasing formations round the shop and holds arty evenings there! This week she had a tasteful display which I caught of shoe bits and some delicate lace work by The Girl and the Gorilla from Germany. Although it is stricly lace, the gloves and necklace are so closely related to crochet that I felt it truly fell into the chaincreative hall of fame.

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