Wednesday 16 April 2008

Braids, trims and a cuff

Among the wishes of the people I teach crochet to, the most frequent request is for tips on making trims. There are many ways to whip up something unique and a trawl through the pattern books always reveals little gems. I came across this book, Crochet Edgings and Trims by Sue Smith on Amazon at £9.99 which seems to have a wealth of ideas. You can even peep inside!!!

Another way to create something special is to take a tip from Victorian crocheters who would use purchased trims and then crochet onto them. They never did anything that didn't require even more embellishment!!! Anyway, I really like this particular idea and with this in mind I bought some beautiful trims from the lovely shops in Berwick Street in Soho, The Cloth House, and the ribbon and trim emporium (let's keep the Victorian theme going!) in Marylebone V V Rouleaux. As you can see from the picture these are simple trims but all can have crochet added to them or can be added to existing crochet. The first and third in this little group can be used as 'bases' - just crochet into the picot trim on one selvedge. The second and fourth can be sewn onto a crochet base. This all set me thinking about the little crochet cuff from the CP Store (March 17 2008 posting) and I made my own!!! I used a fine hook - 1.5mm! - and a beautiful new yarn from Loop by Hand Maiden called Sea Silk in Smoke. Although it isn't specifically for fine guage, it did work incredibly well. I was pleased as crochet 'thread' is really hard to come by. I used 50 stitches and combined simple stitches such as double and treble crochet and an arch motif and picots. I added the beads later but these could be threaded on as you crochet. I do love cuffs as an alternative to bling and maybe you do too!

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