Friday 18 April 2008

Shopping in London

Had a lovely day yesterday just mooching about the highways and byways of London town with dear Susan from Loop and came across some beautiful uses of crochet. First stop was Saltwater in Marylebone Lane. Their new catalogue pictures are so beautifully shot by Kristin Perers who was responsible for the gorgeous pictures in Loop Vintage Crochet. Sadly they did not include (but they are in the shop) the delicate jewellery by Pepita Accessori which used small crochet motifs and found objects on antiqued chains. They were sooo lovely but I haven't been able to find an example to show you. Hunt them down!!! Next was Liberty (my home-from-home) and the handbag department. Very excited to see that Jamin Puech never let's me down in the use of crochet and even more excited when I can identify the stitches (cross stitch)!!! This also uses a fibre not dissimilar to a cord which I've used in past. Watch out next week for some examples and tips for yarns.

Jamin Puech always inspires me, using a wealth of stitching, beading and (hooray) crochet (if you click on this link, go to About Us and find the lovely images there). Established in Paris by Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin, I do recommend even just going to look at these beauties for inspiration and ideas (that's for free). Knowing that the traditions are still encouraged is wonderful. Here's another example.

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