Monday 21 April 2008

This week's project

Hopefully every Monday I'll post a yarn and/or stitch project that I've been tackling, with links and suggestions for all of you.

This weekend I was rootling around in my overstuffed drawer of pending projects and stumbled on some yarns I bought from Texere. Some of the yarns they offer are quite unique to anywhere else I've found and include heavy linens and these 'gimp' yarns. Picasso gimp is an acrylic fibre yarn with the most stunning array of colours to choose from. It's very similar to Noro Daria which I've linked to Pavi yarns as supplier but can be found elsewhere. I understand that it was due to be discontinued by Noro but there do seem to be supplies out there. I made a little 'salad' of the Picasso and Noro yarns for the photo to give you a flavour of the colours available (Noro is multi-coloured). I had been squirreling these jewels away for a number of projects inspired by my Jack Frost Handbags which I've featured before (Jack Frost Bags 1 September 2007), but this time I actually used a pattern from Hiawatha yarns. Earlier in the year I made a make-up bag from the Noro using the Jack Frost book and a cross-stitch (created in a treble row by skipping a stitch, 3 tr, treble in the sk st) which I mentioned in Friday's post about the Jamin Puech bag. I think it looked sooo effective with that yarn and I'm planning to find another bag to try out. These patterns are for specific yarns available in the 40's called Corde or Cordette but they're dead ringers for these yarns pictured here.

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