Monday 30 June 2008

Child's play

When I'm teaching, alot of people ask about patterns for childrens' clothes and presents for new babies. We all know that there is a huge mass of copy out there in the form of books and loose-leaf patterns which we can buy from so many sources that we don't even have to look up from what we're doing (a blanket in my case!!). Anyhow, I thought it might be nice to satisfy some of these questions by showing crochet creators some patterns from all those talented people on the net, including etsy and individual blogs. Rather than baffling you with lots of different ideas, I thought I'd pick a theme - clothes for a little girl and an amigurumi - and keep it simple.

Starting at the feet, here are just the cutest little booty shoes from coffeelady on etsy. They are so bright and cheerful and you can customise them in so many ways. I adore them.
Next up is the dearest capelet from leilaandben, again on etsy and underneath how about a dinky little dress from an old friend of chaincreative, Alicia Paulson. All the above patterns come as PDF format and arrive as e-mails. I love this paperless form of information and would encourage other designers to think of this for their blogs. I certainly am looking into it.

Let's top that off with another PDF pattern from another of our dear friends, fable*handmade, a sweet little hat which would do for baby too.

Bedtime is such a special time and now we can change out of our gorgeous coffeelady boots into some Hobbykroken slippers from Guro Strandskog. I've talked about Guro before in my post about the great designers in the beautiful northern countries of Europe and I'm going to be posting an interview with her in the next week. Tucked up into bed, how about a cute little cuddly friend! Tildafilur is from Sweden (see, I told you they were talented up there!!) and she has such a choice of dinky dollies but I chose Tilda the Bear.

Herbst Handmade, also on etsy has a funky monkey to keep Tilda company.

Well, I hope that's enough to keep you busy and we'll add to that little list in the future. Happy crocheting!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I follow your blog since a few days after I discovered it via Heegeldab. I'm already addicted to it! Thanks a lot for all the links in your blogroll as well, very interesting. Please feel free to have a look at my own blog/site (I crochet jewelry)

Bee Creative said...

Thank you so much Veerle - it's so nice to hear that chaincreative is such fun!!! Keep visiting!