Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Crochet workshop on the Reef

Monday 21 July saw myself and Susan Cropper from Loop at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank, hosting a crochet workshop in support of the Crochet Coral Reef. We were set up alongside the UK Reef which, in large part, is created from the work made at the show here and by local designers inspired by the exhibition. The main exhibition by designers from around the world, which has been seen in New York and Australia, is being featured at the Hayward Gallery. Our lovely new friend at chaincreative, Helle Jorgensen, is very much a part of this exhibit and I will be posting her interview with us on Friday. Anyway, back to our efforts for the UK Reef. Susan and I arrived on Monday to a little gathering of enthusiasts which steadily grew to a respectable little crowd and we pitched in with hooks and yarn twirling to encourage the skilled and to speed teach those who were keen but not yet initiated in the dark arts of crochet!! Clusters and hyperbolics were positioned on the reef and by the end of the session we were able to draw breath and welcome the new arrivals on UK Coral Reef.

We return in four weeks time and look forward to another happy time. If any of you from Monday's visit are dropping in here at chaincreative and felt that they wanted to learn more about crochet then I would say that a set of 3 Beginners' Classes at Loop in north London with yours truly would be just dandy!!!! Alternatively, for any advise then the video tutorials at Nexstitch are the next best thing!

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