Monday, 23 June 2008

Folkestone Triennial

Well, I'm off to the Reef today so I thought I would share some weekend highlights from my diary and leave crochet to tomorrow. Our local seaside town, Folkestone, is playing host this year to a new and hopefully hugely successful triennial of sculpture and conceptualism. Performance and nostalgia are all part of the mix and many of the exhibits are directly linked to life in the town (for good or otherwise!!!). Our visit yesterday was accompanied by warm winds (alot of those) and sunshine which set everything off nicely. If you live in the south-east of England (or anywhere within travelling distance) then I would recommend you to pay a call.
I think some of the highlights that I enjoyed show my appreciation of shape and form and that is what chaincreative is all about.
We started our visit at a beautiful building from the Edwardian era with grand ballrooms and Disco Mechanique. The childrens' sunglasses reminded me of crochet!
Others were even more atmospheric to the town. 18 Holes were 3 beach huts built from a crazy golf course that had been deserted in the town. The Mobile Seagull Appreciation Unit speaks for itself - or for the gulls!!!
Last but not least for chaincreative was the little crochet baby bootee from Tracey Emin. These little sad reminders of childhood are in response to the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the town.

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