Sunday, 6 July 2008

A day in country - July 2008

This weekend saw chaincreative's first 'A Day in the Country' of 2008. This was an opportunity for former students of mine from Loop to get together in lovely surroundings (my garden) to crochet, chat and swap experience of the yarns, patterns, glitches etc of the past few months. It was fabulous to see how complete beginners could become such amazingly skilled crocheters in a matter of such a short time! Everybody was able to bring finished and 'in progress' work to the table to compare and contrast and it was fascinating to see where everyone was going on this. In fact, each person had chosen a different path; interiors, fashion, embellishment, accessories and toys.

We started the day with...tea and coffee of course! Then on to some stitches that we rarely find in written patterns - loop stitch, spike stitch and cross stitch. That didn't give us too much trouble so, after lunch, it was on to a workshop on filet crochet. Not challenging in itself, it was interesting to scale down to the needle-thin hook and see just how skilled a professional fileter is in using such a small canvas to create their work. We had fun using the untraditional Coats Floretta in juicy pinks and yellows which really gave the style a trend zing. I thought a more extensive post on the subject is long overdue. Watch this blog!!!

The rest of the afternoon (there wasn't much of it left) was devoted to the basics of Tunisian crochet which is a personal favourite of mine, and very much to the rest of the group.
I'm glad that I can pass this skill on and get an enthusiastic response to it. I think it's really neglected and needs some updating of patterns and a wider profile.

Finally, after much happy talk about the lovely day, we displayed and admired the work that everyone had recently completed and said goodbye for now.
Name checks for all the lovely work.
Stacey - sad and sweet little bunny from Erika Knight 'Essential Crochet' Rowan Cotton Glace
Sarah - beautiful raspberry pink cardigan with ribbon from London Bead, Company. Yarn Rowan Cotton Glace
Kate - dress with crochet trim, designed and made by herself. You go, girl
Kim - Irish lace cushion cover in Sublime Cashmerino Silk DK from Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths
All yarns were from Loop London

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