Wednesday 9 July 2008

Filet crochet

This is a quickie blog today as I'm flying all over the place today. Following on from my Day in the Country on Saturday, I thought I'd leave a few words about filet crochet which we briefly dabbled in. Because it is made with a very fine hook, around the 1mm mark or even less, it is a little neglected. Finding examples of it in contemporary crochet are hard to find (I'll hang in there though!!!). The wonderful pictures of household items are a start. The crazy TV set is from Inger Carina's Flikr photostream. If this gets your creative streak zinging then how about downloading a program and make up your own patterns and letting chaincreative know. have a great little program for $35.95 which gives you everything you need to become a filet freak.

A little late entry here to the wonders of filet, from the Flikr 'Lace' pool of BisyBackson and 'Teapot' - a window display!!! Doesn't it make you want to grab that 1mm hook and get fileting!

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