Thursday 31 July 2008

Gone bloggin'

A little round-up of design and creative blogs that I love to dip into, a bit like a gallery, for a dollop of cranium food. Abbytryagain, based in Portland Oregon USA, has vignettes and images that flash through her eyes and camera. I love the little pieces of life around that she picks up.Jeanette at Fryd + design also captures little pieces of heaven through her lens. I love the truly personal tone of her blog. I really have a feeling of the Scandanavian calm and light in her world. I know that many agree with me - you need no other excuse to visit her blog.
sfgirlbybay has a special place for me as it taps me back into my northern California heritage which features large in my life and heart. Tips on great design, drive-by looks at great little sights in SF and over-views of what's happening in the design world.
Hearthandmade is really what it says. For all you crafty types this is a real inspiration fest and has lots and lots and lots of tips.
Lastly, if you enjoy the interviews here at chaincreative then Crafty Synergy is a must. Oodles of interviews with artists and designers into their motivations and inspirations. Reading these puts your own thoughts into context and clarity. Lovely Alicia is there in glorious technicolour too!
Happy blogging beckons!!


Marichelle said...

Thank you so much for adding Heart Handmade to this list, I truly appreciate it!!! -Marichelle

Bee Creative said...

What a lovely surprise!!! We love your blog!