Friday 1 August 2008

Bon Voyage

For the next 4 weeks chaincreative is going to hit the road so our usual number of blogs will be a little fewer! Every Friday there will be a post from a far-flung part of the globe with news, views and design with chaincreative's special emphasis on crochet. We've got our bags packed and notebooks at the ready. We've made some dates with special crochet friends and we know you'll just love what we find. The last week will be devoted to one of my favourite cities, London, with a selection and review of some of the most happening yarn shops in the city. So make a date in your diary for every Friday to hit the deck and listen to our travelling yarns! You never know, you might be buying your place on your own voyage of discovery.


Anonymous said...

Just loving that picture!

Bee Creative said...

Gorgeous, isn't it??? I found it on Flikr - there's so many wonderful images availbalbe there!