Friday 29 August 2008

Prick Your Finger, East London

Down a little side road to the busy Roman Road in E2 is the happy universe of Prick your Finger, the joyous creation of Rachel Matthews and Louise Harries, both originally from woolly parts of the country bringing their inspiration to the city and to all who visit. The entire shop is their collective imagination and the fruit of their respective work in fashion and through Rachel's creation of Cast Off (remember that wedding??). I was so transported by the creations and creativity - dressers subsiding under the weight of yarns and notions, objects in crochet and knit and all with their own twist. The wonder of the whole thing is that the entire place has been re-created using panelling and wood trim from just about anywhere to give the rooms a lived in, cosy feel. Even the facia of the shop was re-modelled. Grand Designs can go eat it's hat.

Lovely Rachel made me feel completely at home and ready to get involved in the buying process! The yarns are wonderful and sourced from the UK which is very much a delight. Hooray for local markets!!! More please! Some is produced from Louise's Welsh sheep and some come from the fleece's on Rachel's parents farm in Cumbria. Doesn't that all sound luscious. There are many others and I had to stop myself before getting involved in the whole Tait and Style thing. I don't need many reasons to go back! The window design is changed every month and during August it's been Pompom time, raising awareness for peace and reconciliation (interestingly the Buddhist Centre is right opposite the shop) which gives a whole new dimension to community spirit! Next month is Corsets (hence my excitement) which might not be quite so responsible but might lead to very responsible moments of creativity!!
Also with Rachel today is Rosemary, fresh from her knitwear degree and beginning her career in the best way possible in designing for yarn brands and her own line about to be launched at the Hoxton Boutique. I loved her hairband which is being sent there shortly.
I also spotted the crochet hat (she adores crochet - smart girl) which was a Lion Brand pattern. it's a free pattern so this can be an inspiration for you.
Now listen up, Lion Brand is doing great things at the moment and I'm going to be featuring it more fully in just a few weeks. We need it to keep up the good work and to come to jolly old England.
Rosemary was also responsible for the fabulous outside sign for the shop which she also crocheted and which is the inspiring image that I came away with.

I haven't even had enough time to go into further flights of fancy with the rest of the tour - Liberty and, of course, my wonderful Loop but I'll save those for another day.

Just to say - if you're in London, go everywhere, do everything and under no circumstances miss anything out (that means going to all these palaces of yarn!!).


crazyjane said...

thank you what a wonderful shop, it ALMOST makes me miss london, but not quite, thank you.

Bee Creative said...

Dear crazy
Aren't we the lucky ones - we can peek but not stay.
Fab, fab place though and I want to be a fan of Carlton Square.
Bee xxx