Friday 29 August 2008

My kind of town - London is

I cannot believe how difficult it is to find a picture that doesn't stereotype London but I felt there was enough 'reality' here in this picture from Flikr. A little old, a little new (even the buses!) and, hey, some sunshine. Well, maybe not everything is that real all the time!!

Yes, chaincreative is back in the country and with a bag jam-packed full of ideas and pictures of this brilliant place to tell you about.

As promised, I've gathered a glittering assortment of delectable yarny places to tantalise you into visiting. I truly believe they represent the spirit of the place - colourful, lively, different, edgy and just down-right interesting. I haven't covered the complete waterfront on this; there are many, many others but these are my super faves at the moment. I could go on and on but I'll leave that to later when I go on and on about my new discoveries. Spitting Yarn gives a comprehensive list for you to browse.
You can really spend a day criss-crossing the city to find probably the widest variety of yarns on offer anywhere on the globe. Of course, there's cross-over but each of the shops I've chosen offer unique samples of wools of the world for you to choose. In addition, there is expert advise on offer and a comfortable atmosphere that's really conducive to creating. All of them organise classes in every aspect of the yarn process and in one case (more later!!!) even venturing into the world of corsetry!!!! Eeeek, I've so wanted to try that one out.

Off on the Tube to East Putney station where I found such delightful touches like the flowery platform and the station's art deco entrance ways. The flower theme was beautifully picked up in the flower shop just at the entrance to the ticket hall. Then it was the start of the hunt.

First to visit is Stash on Upper Richmond Road in leafy South West London. Michelle Lieberson wrote to say, 'I have always wanted to own a yarn shop since I was a teenager, when I used to go to a shop where the ladies sat around the table and knit together. They would even write patterns for you. I loved that place, and hope that Stash is sort of like that, we encourage people to stay and knit with us, making it a sort of hang out as well as retail shop. After I started the knitting group, Nathalie and I (I had known her as a mom at school, but not that well) became very good friends, and spent many hours knitting together. Two plus years on in business, we still love the shop, and wouldn't have it any other way. Nathalie loves reading blogs and trying to find the next great yarn, and then I hunt it down and deal with the ordering. We have found many fantastic yarns that way as we are both really passionate about fiber and colour, and of course, knitting. '
They have a carefully chosen palette of yarns that beautifully compliment the shop and are so helpful with colour and texture queries that we all seem to have...even after years and rooms full of yarn. Will we never learn!!! I bet these wonderful emporiums hope not! Sadly my picture of the shop was made when Michelle was out and was just not up to my usual standards. Suffice to say, the street is busy but with pretty corners and shops - and this one really caught my eye.

Off next to the other side of the city and a world away from the open airs of South-West London. Now the mood is busier and more intense. I couldn't resist a walk around and I absolutely loved it all. Bethnal Green and Stepney. I don't think alot of people would immediately choose those two as a destination for a visit to London. But that's where they're wrong; there's sooo much to see and do. I'm not going to list on and on but there are shops, restaurants, galleries, boutiques and all in the East London vibe of variety and creativity. Love it. Here are my brief impressions.
Hidden squares and perfectly kept homes around Carlton Square were such a find but none of that prepared me for my next destination in Globe Road - Prick your Finger.
A whole new post is needed for that one!!!

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Glad to have been of service. I haven't been to Prick Your Finger yet, so I'll look forward to your post!