Friday 22 August 2008

Hotter than July

Chaincreative's luggage is in the arrival's lounge of a country which many of us have a hundred conflicting images of, but little or no experience of. Israel. The main image of the Dome of the Rock creates so many impressions of diverse religions and races and this must be a metaphor for the country itself. On a much more superficial note; I'm loving the whole crochet inspiration theme that tiles and tracery create. That better be a post all of it's own!!!

This picture, below, I've chosen to tell my story I hope represents the possiblilities of that country and the diversity. No frontiers, no names. Just jacaranda trees and a blue door to wherever you want.

Yarn shopping in Israel is obviously a preoccupation for the population as much as anywhere. You could do no better than to go to Woolworks (great for anyone, anywhere as shop locator!) and check this list out. On a grander scale, design in Israel is alive and well and really interesting. An exhibition in 2006, admittedly in the US, called designboom, was given over to design from Israel. The images I've chosen are 'combination bowls’ by alon meron, 2005- porcelain, polyurethane rubber and ‘zit up’ chair by zivia, 2003.

My particular favourite is Pini Leibovich whose use of unique materials and wit really appealed to me. Here we have experiments in wood and cellophane chair with balloons.

My friend on this journey is Veeek, a jewellery designer, using crochet as her medium. Like many in this vast country, she has 'fallen far from the tree' and comes from a very different place. Veeek uses crochet as a means to illustrate the world around her and push herself to learn more about the skill. I'll let her tell you her story in her own words.
"My name is Viktoria . I was born in Kishinev (Soviet Union). Now I live and work in Israel. I learned to crochet about 4 years ago during my university lessons , I have BA in education. In 2006 I made my first hats collection for my designer friend Frau Blau (unfortunately the images no longer appear)that collection most of the hats was knitted. I really prefer to crochet, but at that moment I wasn`t good in crocheting. All the techniques I use now in my designs was taken from different sites in Internet. I am self taught designer. Crocheting allows all kind of wishes and inspirations to be possible. For example freeform tehnique. I do like to use different tehniques in my work. A lot of inspiration in my work comes from nature: the colours, the flowers, the leaves. Sometime the inspiration comes from movies. Sometime from another artist. Sometime it takes 10 minutes to decide what to do, sometime a few weeks. But in the end when my design comes true and people like it -it's worth all the time that I spent on it."
Don't you think we could all agree with that??!!! The image I've used here is Veeek's turquoise pendant which you can find on her Etsy site.
Of course, no visit to Israel should be attempted without calling in on the atelier of the talented Yoola who we've featured before in our Visual Arts stream. Yoola's work shows so clearly the wonderful juxtaposition of nature and creativity, bound up with the mathematical principles of crochet. She is already established as an industrial designer through her partnership with Baribuaand she has extended her philosophy to crochet.

See, told you so, there are supremely talented designers in this field and I hope through chaincreative's travels I've gone some way to prove this. Next week, we're back here in dear old London town where chaincreative will have found all the treasures of the world in the best yarn shops in town. Can't wait!!!

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