Friday 19 September 2008

When the going gets tough...

...get crocheting! Well, maybe some other things as well, but it's certainly true that when the times become difficult then creativity can bring compensations and even a way forward. Mother of invention and all that.

With these turbulent days in mind it's given me a reason to post some suggestions for the creative to do their thing and create without spending bucket loads of cash. Recycling is very much to the fore. Yarn made from newspaper is today's post!!

Green Upgrader is a site dedicated to all things of this nature and this handspun paper yarn and the plastic yarn are on their radar. The inspiration is from the artist Greet Van Tiem who also designs with the yarn. Once you've amassed your papers all you need is a spindle and the whittling among you could even make your own!!

Now, what to make with your yarn? Here's an idea from the wonderful design*sponge - a bath mat!!! The pattern and general trend directions are here and then all your household needs can be met after reading the daily news!!!

Maybe stick to the funnys and then you won't be tearful while you crochet!

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