Monday 27 October 2008

Ideas and dreams

I'm sending you on a journey to Norway again. Two designers who I've often mentioned before are perfect resources for inspiration and ideas and with the granny theme in mind I thought a reminder of their talent would not go amiss.
Guro at Hobbykroken, has been a chaincreative friend for some time and we've posted before about her blog. I spotted a sweet little idea she had come up with for using some squares she'd made and I thought you might agree with me.
The next person is Jeanette from Fryd+Design. Jeanette is a graphic designer by trade but really is just an all-round talented person and crochets as well!! I love to dip into the blog and soak up the beautiful atmosphere that her pictures evoke and I'm not alone. Just recently her home has been featured in a number of interior publications. The picture at the top of the post is her beautiful home. Go to her blog and you'll find out why she's admired and why she loves her craft.

Well, I think this post will wind up the 'granny' theme that we've been running this month. Next month will be felting time and, with Christmas just around the corner, gifts and toys.


Unknown said...

Thank you again Bee Ü I´m still writing on the interview. It just takes time, it´s a bit hard to express my self in english. But I´m getting there.
* Jeanette *

Bee Creative said...

Jeanette - we're so excited to feature you and we look forward to your interview. xxx

Guro said...

Thank you so much again Bee! Your so sweet to mention my little project here. I plan to make more of these, but with different granny squares, so your granny square theme was perfect for me! I just have to get adapted to living in a different city and country, and figure out where they sell yarn here...
Thank you again, for your sweet mention and for all the good inspiration here. Love Jeanettes work and photos by the way :O)

Bee Creative said...

Lovely to hear from you, Guro (Hobbykroken!!!) and good luck in your new life. That's quite a change with babies and all. We'll still be calling in on the blog regularly and look forward to hearing how the granny squares go.
Bee xxxxx