Thursday 23 October 2008

Motifs and a pattern

The Japanese craft books are the greatest discovery I've made and I'm always seeking out new ones to add to my collection. At the moment my favourite is an Ondori book (ISBN978-4-277-17217-2) whose title I, sadly, cannot translate! Anyway, from the cover you can see why I mention it as it's full of nice 'granny motif' projects made beautiful by the careful choice of colours. I buy the books from Saucy Louise who has both a store of her own and an Etsy shop. If you're looking specifically for motif patterns she's got a several books. Another way to resource these wonderful books and magazines is through various web-sites and blogs. The two most useful I've found are Japan Craft Journal and Crafting Japanese.

I've also had a few requests for the pattern for the shirt-dress from my 1970 book 'Make It Crochet'. With great pleasure I'll post it for you here!!! Happy crochet!

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claire montgomerie said...

hey bee - saw these and thought of you - have you seen them before? japanese book translations, yippee!!