Tuesday 11 November 2008

In the jungle

I started with my first Saturday of 'work' at Loop which was so much fun. It was super-busy and alot of the people coming in were saying that they're really fired up to make their own Christmas presents this year. It's almost becoming a cult!
It's such a great way of showing that you care and, at the same time, having a little fun for yourself in the making. Crochet, of course, is such a whizzy way to get things made fast and these little guys are a lovely way to make someone tiny (or even bigger) very happy indeed.

Amigurumi seems to be the most popular way to create your own little toys and I'm not going to disagree. What I'm looking for is something different.
I love Roman Sock for finding great ideas and patterns. The site is the brainchild of a very talented crocheter from Scotland. Glasgow to be precise, and every pattern is beautifully and humourously represented. My super-favourite that we can all try our hand at is her meerkats and there is a pdf for you to download. She also has many other adorable critters and this fennec fox above is particularly lush. Pattern please!!!
Deep in the forest something stirs. Look what I found!!! PlanetJune is the creation of another UK native now living in North America. She has really created some cute amigurumi characters which, similar to Roman Sock, take an altogether quirky look at the skill. AfriAmi look simple and fun to make and you can purchase the patterns from the site.

Last but far from least is tildafilur from Etsy who I've featured before. All her patterns are available and they are adorable. Winter was never so fun as making the skiing polar bear!!!

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