Tuesday 27 January 2009

A good place to visit

I do love taking a peep at who is visiting the chaincreative studio and I wondered if you're intrigued too!! I thought I'd just list a few here and start a little roll of honour to them and many more on the side bar (take a look at the (chain)Creative Blog list on the right).
First off is Peony Designs who keeps a discreet list of so many interesting links that I love to dip in and go off into the world of virtual crochet and design.

The Kids are Alright is another happy place to go and pick up on a little design with a typical English twist.
Now, as you know, I'm a bit of a fan of all things Scandanavian and I will always give a shout for Jeanette at Fryd + Design but there are many more in the land of snow and here is Hilde at Muskrat.

Do you mind if I knit is very much a diary of one creative person's life with some beautiful work on display.
Delicious is a 'bookmarks' site that allows people to gather their favourite blogs together with tags which just adds to the fun! Just search for crochet and you'll see what I mean
Of course, there are visits from Alicia Paulson's wonderful blog, Veerle at nevousinstallezpas, Helle at gooseflesh, Marianne at heegeldab and Guro at hobbykroken. These are top friends too and they have their pride of place on the right as well.
Just to whet your appetite for more, I've found some French blogs that are fascinating even to the non-French speaker. Petite Pimprenelle has some terrific crochet as does Crochet City and Toutes a nos crochets which rounds up this little post. These were all links I found on another regular visitor from A petits pas et librement.I will add to the list as friends visit so keep your eyes firmly to the right!!


Unknown said...

I just had to leave a comment on this fab crochet flower scarf!! I love it!! Did you create the pattern or is it a commercial one? Really pretty and also, some wonderful links - thanks!! Boo x

Bee Creative said...

Ooo, I'd love to say it was all my work but that would be a big fib!!! It was all the work of the blogger in question and a very clever person too!
Thank you for the lovely comments and keep visiting!
Bee xxxx