Friday 30 January 2009

In the laboratory

I'm plotting a new idea which is always fun but does, sometimes, feel like pulling teeth!! You'll be walking along and not looking where you're going because you've got a head full of stitches and a plan brewing.
Anyway, I'm very pleased as my plan is to use some yarn that I bought at Prick Your Finger from Jamiesons of Shetland - this is a quote from their website which sets the mood - 'In the early 1890's, Robert Jamieson started up a small business in Sandness on the far west coast of the Shetland Isles. From this shop he bought, or exchanged for goods, knitwear from the local crofters. These hand-spun, handknitted garments were made from the wool of their own native sheep, every piece unique. Hats, gloves, mitts, stockings, underclothing, sweaters (known locally as 'ganseys') and in particular, the intricate Shetland lace shawls, veils and stockings, which were at the height of their popularity at the turn of the century.'
The yarns are coarser than traditional shetland yarn in order to be more durable but the yarn has such an authentic feel to it and I really liked the colours. It is great for crochet as it is 'smooth' and keeps it's shape well. Perfect for my little idea which is keeping me from walking in a straight line!!! I'm also putting some chain into the mix so you might be getting a clearer view of my plans!!! As I said, Etsy is marvellous for supplies and I've had super fun ordering different lengths of chain and charms from various companies. My favourites have been Patina Queen, Olay and Share Living. These people are scattered across the world, Turkey, USA and Hong Kong, but delivery was speedy and friendly and everything I ordered was perfect!!
That really is Chain Creative. Ha ha.

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